Music by Lynnette Thredgold

Amazing Grace is a delightful collection of contemporary, classical, and traditional arrangements of familiar hymn tunes. Lynnette’s violin is accompanied by a variety of instruments, including piano, percussion, harp, flute, and guitar. Co-produced by Mannheim Steamroller’s Chuck Penington, Amazing Grace offers listeners a unique sound unlike anything available.

Cool Energy defies classification in one musical genre. It was co-produced by Chuck Penington, orchestra director of Mannheim Steamroller, who composed or arranged a number of its pieces. Many of the selections are “pop,” while others have a definite “blues” or “jazz” feel. The recording features Lynnette on violin along with Jed Moss on piano. Other talented musicians perform on percussion, flute, harp, bass guitar, sax and more.

Dancing with the Red Priest

Woman playing violin - Dancing with the Red Priest Album Cover by Lynnette Thredgold

Lynnette’s versatile violin is featured once again with her band in this ultimate musical fusion, co-produced by Chuck Penington of Mannheim Steamroller. The sensual, alluring tango rhythm of “Astorianna”; the masterful artistry of “Rhapsody in Blue” with Air Supply’s Jed Moss on piano; the serene, exquisite melody of “Ave Maria”; the Vivaldi-esque merriment of “Red Priest Steps Out” (from which the CD draws its title)—each track is a masterpiece on its own. Combined into one volume, Lynnette’s latest CD is sure to provide hours of listening pleasure.